Optimisation and Integration

We provide Optimisation and Integration services as our clients may be using standalone applications either internally developed or purchased based on immediate needs. They could be as simple software solutions as Supply Chain Management (SCM), HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) etc; that operate in isolation and typically cannot communicate with one another in order to share data or business processes.

Such standalone applications are often developed on various languages, use multiple databases and reside on different Operating Systems or in some instances these are Legacy Systems that are no longer supported by the vendor or the party originally developed them. This creates lack of visibility and efficiency within different activities of the organization and demands a complete restructuring or revamping of the internal system.

Thus organizations have already invested on these applications and prefer to protect the investment, provided a skilled and reliable business partner offers an appropriate Optimisation and Integration solution to gain the maximum return on the investment.

Tech Optimise Consultancies have certified and specialized technical resources who could design a comprehensive technical framework for seamless integration of these standalone software modules for better communication. Our solution will integrate your standalone applications and legacy systems through a middleware framework based on common bus-architecture which will operate as a middle-layer and ensure seamless communication among insolated applications.

Integration solutions provided by Tech Optimise will enable you to maximize the return on your investment and can increase efficiency and visibility across your organisation.