Consultancy Services

Our diverse experience in different industries and expert knowledge can help you to conceptualise, design and implement secure IT Policies/strategies. Tech Optimise provides onsite and offsite consultancy in the areas of IT Policy and Strategy Planning, System Design and Security Audits to ease the burden of our clients from carrying the overheads of certified professionals.

IT Policy and Strategy Planning

Tech Optimise has necessary skills and a wealth of experience to understand challenges and latest trends in different industries to provide consultancy in terms of how IT Policies and Strategies could drive our client’s business towards a “technologically well-powered”organisation.

System Design

Considering the business imperative of our clients and keeping in mind the cost implications, Tech Optimise could design and architect Systems to deliver the desired operational objectives. Our skills revolve around planning secure and comprehensive network layouts with necessary hardware and recommend appropriate Software with a proper license-plan. Clients could reduce recurring costs and avoid unnecessary capital expenditure by outsourcing their System Designs to Tech Optimise.

Security Audits

Tech-Optimise carries a team of certified professionals to perform security vulnerability scans, review application and operating system access controls and analyse physical access to systems in the client’s server environment. Existing system or third party software (if needed) would be implemented to monitor, control and protect the integrity of the client’s LAN/WAN.