Collaborative Development

Strategic part of our offshore development services offer our clients the flexibility in terms of forming Joint-Development projects to achieve certain cost benefits and address complexities in finding necessary skill sets, adhering to government labor regulations, managing and controlling large internal development teams etc.

The business model of Tech Optimise provides provision for our clients to outsource part of their development work under the supervision of a project manager appointed by the client.

Team of skilled and professional consultants, system architects, designers, software developers, project managers etc; from Tech Optimise will work in collaboration with the client's development team, based in a different geographical location in order to deliver the complete product within stipulated timelines.

We decide the composition and the team size in consultation with our clients and finalise Tech Optimise-Team to work in synchronization with the client’s internal development environment. Tech Opti has the necessary infrastructure (dedicated, high-speed Internet connections) to ensure the smooth flow of information for work allocation, information sharing, review meeting etc; on a daily basis.